Joinery machines and special equipments


The company

R.M.G. SCHMIDLER GmbH is today a well-known manufacturer and full-service provider of innovative machines and equipments for the wood construction.


Joinery machines

R.M.G Schmidler GmbH develops, designs and constructs rational and totally automatic joinery machines for a modern timber construction.


Blockhausanlagen zur Blockbohlenfertigung

Machines for log home construction

Our machines used for the production of block boards are totally automatic. They convince with a very compact design and a unique transport system.

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Video zur Abbundanlage S6

Zur Abbundanlage S6 ist ein Videofilm produziert worden, der die Arbeitsabläufe und Möglichkeiten der Maschine dokumentiert. >> zur Produktseite & Video Weiterlesen

Online video about S1 BL

  A video is available about this machine. You can see the working cycles and the possibilities by selecting the following... Weiterlesen

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