Log home machine S3

General characteristics

This log home machine can work block boards up to a max. dimension of 300 x 300 mm and 13 m long (longer also possible on request).

Processing like chop cuts, chalet-mllings and drillings as well as optionally front groove millings and dovetail joints can be executed. Due to the special alignement of the units, processing and feed-out of shortest wood pieces can also be executed.

  • extremely compact design
  • original and accurate transport system
  • rational single-piece and serial production
  • high diversity of processing types
  • accurate precision and very high working speed
  • max. wood dimensions: Height 300 mm, width 300 mm, length about 13000 mm

Some pictures

Die Blockhausanlage SB 3Steuerung der BlockhausanlageFräse in der BlockhausanlageExaktes SägenFräsen mit der SB 3

More details about our S3

Standard equipment

Description of the different parts of the machine

  • 4-axis milling unit for square corner joints 

4-fach Fräse This unit has a servo-hydraulic infeed system. The vertical and horizontal units can be operated independently of each other. The processing for a 4-sided milled slot takes about 12 up to 20 sec. depending on the wood dimension.

  • Milling unit for front groove

Stirnnutfräse This unit is used for an automatic milling of front grooves at the both ends of the wood. Due to its special desgin, this unit allows also the processing of shortest wood pieces.


  • Horizontal saw

Kappsäge horizontal The saw is aligned according to the milling unit which allows a particularly rational realization of small block boards. These ones can be milled continuously from a wood bar, afterwards they will be cut. Shortest wood elements can also be transported and pushed off.

  • Transport and measuring system

Tansport- und Messsystem This revolutionary and inimitable patented transport system in timber processing is operating without damaging the wood. The revolving belts on the operator's side serve as the drive unit; the rear belts form at the same time the limit stop and the measuring system. This separation between drive and measuring system guarantees absolute accuracy.

Infeed area

  • 4-strand transverse input roller conveyor, gummed

4-strängiger Quereinförderer Length: about 2 m
Driving power: 1,5 kW
Roller chain


  • Input roller conveyor with automatic feeder into the machine

Einförderrollenbahn Design: heavy, welded steel construction. The automatic feeder is carried out independently from the transport system of the machine.

Outfeed area

  • Output roller conveyor with automatic pullout out of the machine

Ausförderrollenbahn mit Auszug Design: heavy, welded steel construction. The automatic pullout is carried out independently from the transport system of the machine.


  • Push-off ruler

Abschiebelineal For the automatic ejection of the finished wood pieces on the depositing rack.

  • Rack for wood depositing

Ablagestränge Arms for rack, this system can be mounted to the output roller conveyor so that it allows a pivoting of the finished wood pieces.



Optional units

Optional additional equipment for the S3

  • Duplex vertical drilling unit



  • Milling unit for dovetail


S3 Schwalbenschwanz-Fräser

Detailed description

More about our S3

In addition to our proven and efficient SCHMIDLER joinery machines, we have expanded our range of products with the S3.

This machine is able to process totally automatically block boards up to a maximal dimension of 30 x 30 cm and 13 m long (on request longer also possible). Processing like chop cuts, chalet-millings and drillings as well as optionally front groove millings and dovetail joints can be executed.

Due to the special alignment of the units, shortest wood pieces can also be produced, transported and removed. The innovative SCHMIDLER endless transport system guarantees to the S3 a very high performance as the processing is operated without damaging the wood. Also rounded and curved block boards can be processed with the S3. 

The S3 is equipped with a comfortable and very user-friendly 3D single piece program including an extensive optimization program. Due to its endless transport system, the machine can be used as a High-Speed Cross-Cut and can work with a capacity of 250 running meter and more. Another important advantage of the S3 is consisting in its compact design and its easy using and handling.


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